Monday, March 30, 2015

That's a whole lot of devices to charge

I've been lucky to be visiting schools that are all working with device dense environments. Almost everyone is looking for a place to store and charge them. In this post I am trying to think through the stories that people have told about their solutions and what has made a difference.

My favorite upcycle storage design

Where this most often has gone wrong is in the smaller details. The self organising bit is important particularly in enclosed spaces.

One tip I have found really effective is colour coding and numbering. We added a colour plastic cover for our samsung chromebooks which mad it easy to identify which was missing and for learners to know they were returning the device to the right place. This is particularly useful if returning a device to a different place.

Colour Coding

Cable Management
This is probably the hardest thing to get right. A missing charger will mean that a chromebook or tablet can't be used.