Sunday, June 29, 2014

Makerspace - learning for today

Here are some thoughts from some of the Makerspace sessions at ISTE 2014

The Makerspace website describes them "simply, makerspaces are community centers with tools."

Many Schools are looking to provide such a space for learning and making. As a developing trend/concept this seems to be changing over time.

A makerspace may not necessarily a physical room. It seems is to be about the idea that people learn when given the chance to build authentic projects.

Here are few considerations in making a successful makerspace that came from discussions
  • Boys see technology as a toy
  • Girls see technology as a tool
  • This has an implication for the making that takes place
  • There is a relationship of making to project based learning
  • We may be able to achieve more learning through the making challenge, motivation, and application to real problem solving.
  • In terms of engineering and sophisticated electronics we need to chose carefully the age groups we present whole class challenges to.

3d Printing tools and ideas
  • Web based design tinkercad is easier than 3d-tin and would suit students - age 13. (best options for Chromebooks)

  • Autocad producing a new type of 3d printer

  • Printcraft allows you download minecraft object to 3d print

How to get started and get buy in

  • Start something small with a big buzz.
  • Get the parents on board by having them experience making
  • Have a student leadership group to help others
  • Kids spear head collecting

Products to use

  • Makey makey is under 50 a good mindset start point uses the computer as a keyboard. The website
  • sparkfun arduino inventor

Places to learn

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Working with others

Last Year I worked with Mel and her students to design an innovative sustainable toy for  some younger students. I thought I would revisit this post which had been left a draft because I noticed something in the picture. The students are focusing on the from and probably try to listen as things are explained to them but they seem a little disengaged, lethargic almost.  

The engaged photos are first and then the in classroom ones. Would be grateful for any ideas anyone out there has about how to change the way they saw the in class learning.

Throughout the building I was not sure we used the motivation of this relationship with the younger students enough.  The Technology design was challenging in that students are asked to come up with a toy that hasn't been made before .  

Hmm Focus

Some ideas to up engagement are here...