About Dave Winter


The key features of inquiries are: a strong
purpose and focus on learning.

Within a previous inquiry we set out with the aim "Students and
Teachers will recognise and experience the benefit of collaboration in technical problem solving environments with others distant in place." The approach was to bring people together, provide a communications scaffold and a purpose that supports collaboration.

Student Voice and reflection:
Listening to students helps direct innovation and all of my inquiries have a student feedback cycle and voice component.

Motivation and Mindset
This approach starts with a co-constructed perceived likelihood of success. I attempt to allow for formative learner autonomy and conversations. Always promoting a growth mindset in students.

Our e-learning approaches contribute to the knowledge of effective teaching by ensuring they have close proximity to the classroom and the 21st century learner. A guiding belief is that we are taking responsible risks if we have a preferred future and our actions apply to this. I believe that wide experience leads us to make better mistakes and develop resilience. The reflective process and personal learning helps build the capacity to identify what initiatives will resonate with professional educators and students. I dedicate a lot of time to my own learning and into supporting others to do the same. A Knowledge of effective teaching requires effort and deliberate actions. My focus on sharing and networking provides access for teachers to choose, explore and reflect on what are real learning experiences for students. Being an active listener; and where possible a coach using substantive dialogue allows effective teaching and distributed capacity to develop. My inquiries look to build on and contribute to the work and understanding of a personal learning network and multiple professional learning communities. These associations are what I feel leads to independent inquiries having a larger impact, becoming interdependent and generating new knowledge.

My intention is to continue to “talk the walk”. This will take place in many
ongoing opportunities for teachers to develop. Working with students and teachers together is my intended method for developing effective innovative practice. Activities should be pinned to ongoing clear real purpose. We have a number of educators approaching our Regional Cluster group looking to engage with us and this is a core intention. I intend to publish with students through produced media and my blog alongside face to face work.