Sunday, April 6, 2008

going with google

I guess I am a believer in google.
But Why???
So what is so good about a google map, doc etc.
For me the same opportunity is consistent. Collaboration is my preferred learning style in this web environment. Creativity, added knowledge and personalisation make me feel as if I can serve some purpose.When we add and individualise a map we are adding knowledge value. As others add knowledge this increases further.

  • historical events
  • story telling where event move from one location to another
  • all the place where you can eat, exercise, view
  • all the places to collect, pine cones, water
  • areas that are changing
  • holiday spots measure distance
  • school camp description
  • becoming familiar with other people and worlds
  • poems
  • water quality sample results
  • oral history map references
Here is a map I have been using to test some of the features in Googlemaps

here is a link to a google earth in education page

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