Monday, December 1, 2008

Cognitive Rehearsal -

Hey; is this web tool Flowgram the death of powerpoint? I think so.
Well with a half decent internet connection this program is very flexible and powerful.
Of course best practise always needs to be established and finally I have a tip for recording voice.
  • Use a script!!
I am now sitting at the dining table eating fruit and crumble and able to add to this.
  • Use a script and provide time for cognitive rehearsal.
I feel we should do this when asking students for opinions, thoughts and solutions. Without the preparation of thinking and pre-planning even a hot jam session will struggle to impress.
Finally am I learning to learn?
Here is a flowgram created for the unconference the Journey Cluster held last week.
It is easy peasy.

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  1. Just a note if you add a webpage to flowgram it uploads the content onto their server by the looks ie any updates to the webpage will not be reflected in the program. A good or bad thing?