Sunday, November 2, 2008

What matters matters

The things changing in education should be carefully considered.
If you read/view any post on this blog make it this one.
  • Why change?
  • What is the purpose?
Two years ago our school moved a learning plan system that included
student voice and presence at parent interviews.

It made the learner central to this. At the time we had student interview some teachers and students who had been through the process.
  • It was change!
  • It had purpose!
  • It worked!
The above clip shows a teacher who carefully considers why he does things.
With the introduction of the learning plan he considered what would take the learner further.
He considered the purpose for the learner and what might effect them in the process.

I feel we need to this more. Engage learners and give them purpose and it will work too.


  1. Hey great thoughts guys.
    Next year I hope to have an eportfolios system up and running. When it comes time to have some interviews I want to have the student sitting beside me sharing with their parents their goals and using their digital portfolio to show evidence of progress.
    Lets keep in touch as we might be able to help each other out!

  2. It would be great to work with you on learner centered goal setting. Some of the benefits of web based reflection and goal construction work well for evidence purposes. I feel it is important for the learner where possible to understand what they are showcasing or displaying. By this I mean a learner centered evidence set. This has the potential to effect change and progress that a portfolio for others may not. Lenva from Bucklands Beach in Auckland has done some great work in this area.