Sunday, March 1, 2009

Feedback to Change

Cheryl Doig workshop at 1@s 2009

What I thought after workshop.

    • Student feedback is important for improving practice
    • Co-constructed classrooms will be more co-operative
    • Norms establishment is critical to class establishment
    • This high level of student voice requires community support and awareness
    • Difficult students require management strategies beyond student voice eg community and school voice
    • If we ask for student voice we must acknowledge it and act react so that students are sure this has been heard
    • We are entitled not to agree with student voice.

Notes from Workshop

Looking at engagement and examples of it. Cheryl has as many ?s as answers. Students can feel different and isolated at school because they are away from technology.

Students working together create a living breathing work. Combining Skype and Google docs for example. My belief is that literacy and communications skills will thrive in this environment

We discussed "Is full student engagement needed for learning." Four of us thought no we can multi-task. There are assume potions on beliefs we have about oar students experience. These do not always play out look at Sally Boyd's research at NZCER. United Kingdom group has placed student involvement into sitting, crawling, walking and Running. National College of School Leadership

Kelly Hines has asked students to keep feeding back to her. showing the students you will follow up on things is important.

Strategy One

Use student feedback to find out positives and areas for change.


Strategy two

Build driving forces reduce inhibiting forces.


Cheryl's wet-paint wiki on

community engagement.

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  1. Thanks for linking back to my classes' blog. The feedback that provide for me is essential in driving my instructional practice and is unique to the year and the individual. I have learned so much from my students this year, and I think this on-going reflective process has brought my instructional practice to a new level.