Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tinychat is big collaboration


Came across this from an oz/nz online meeting and think it ticks the right boxes.

My real respect for this comes from the lack of barriers to entry. This is a video conferencing space

that allows people to video chat with up to 8 participants and chat with upto 100 others. I tried to join a couple of rooms that were on Iran and the election. There was no one in them and I guess that shows that purpose is required and that we need a tinychat only when we need a chat. So when do we need one.

  • When the people are far away and we know them but can’t be with them.
  • When we are co-constructing a topic, event or experience
  • When we are wanting feedback form an unbiased and neutral
  • When creating home school partnership
  • If we believe there is some extra learning and competencies being created as a result

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