Monday, December 28, 2009

A simple slideshow embed

I have put a few tables with photos into my blog. I was thinking a slideshow might be better take up less space, run itself and be more attractive. I found a page you could copy the address for a Picasa slideshow into as with many things a little further investigation and I learnt how to do this directly from within Picasa YAY. Here is a video showing how easy this is to do and a sample slide show below.

Here is a sample slide show. Some of the pics have been altered to make up the banner for my blog which feature my mum Dorothy or Dot as she was known. My brothers and sister also appear in some of the pictures. Need to add a few more in memory of Mum. Mum I miss you!


  1. It's odd but when I view the slideshow in my RSS it plays like it should but when I actually open the blog site all the photos are off to one side like this.

    Allanah K

  2. hmmm maybe the blogger theme I am using. It looks ok for me in ie and firefox. Thanks for giving me the heads up on that will see how many folk face the same view.