Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reality Check -Inventions

After a long time of being busy helping setting up a new professional learning community I finally had a chance to work with students again. So what Am I trying to concentrate on.

  • lots of opportunity for students to contribute, think, do and to create flow
  • using visual material and offering some choice for students to select material
  • reflection on what we have created and opportunities for students to outline where their learning is at
  • looking at habits of mind as prompts for just in time learning opportunities “what habit of mind do you think could have helped you get past this point?” “taking responsible risks”
  • letting student thinking and communication exist in its own right ie not all thinking needs to be reported on or commented on it can just “be”.
  • integrating literacy work into just in time teaching moments with questions like “If this is going to be read by others what might we need to in terms of editing?”
  • Having student share reading and retelling of others oral and written ideas


The investigation prompts and some outcomes are below




We are going to look at a couple of movies to find out.


Here are a few more links to inventions, and kid inventions; have a look.


This is what 4km thought what  they did was to use to describe everything they thought about where inventions come from and then we put them into this Wordle This is what we thought.


Where do Inventions come from? from Media team on Vimeo.

What we think about inventions and where they come from.

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