Thursday, August 26, 2010

Connected Schools – Six mths in

We have been working as a professional learning community for six months and we can see impact in the video below.

With the project comes regional goals and as leaders what I see as crucial now is:

  • Communication with other schools (newsletter coming)
  • Collaboration with others like the University and Polytechnic
  • Clear internal roles such as (organiser secondary voice)
  • Sharing of successes and failures (learning)
  • Strategic planning for sustainability and engagement
  • The creation of Reuseable and AAA (anytime ,anywhere, anyhow) material

Great to watch a lot being picked up from our community development day and being used by the students,
EBooks , Voicethread, numeracy interactives. This will make for engaged learners and improved learning outcomes.

Connected Schools Six Months in from Media team on Vimeo.

Hamilton Schools working together to create a professional learning community for themselves and other educators.

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