Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What Students want to Say to us

The Key Message: That we don’t just enjoy using the computers but they help us to do research.
               We can learn alot faster using the technology we have today.

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I found Says it on Lenva’s Cool tools for teachers Wiki and
put some of student messages into images

The students came up with these in a Google Doc

Sayings we could use:

  1. I can do 3 different types of homework at once on a laptop and still talk to my friends.
  2. I can see France, England, Japan and go on top of Mt Everest all in one day just by clicking a few buttons.
  3. I can search, listen to music, type and personalize at the same time.
  4. I can be made more interactive.
  5. I understand the topics by thinking real world problems.
  6. I can see more clearly how things happen and work.
  7. Instead of taking forever by drawing diagrams, I can make diagrams online.
  8. I can think about how to make some technology better which expands my thinking.
  9. I can use art programs to make my ideas more creative.
  10. Most people don’t think how technology helps us in learning... we do.
  11. We explore our technology instead of using it only for it’s designed purpose. We become curious.

Tomorrow we looking to develop this more into a movie watch this space

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