Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reality Check Market Day

Market Day Marketing

I was thinking that the year 8s were up for a big challenge with their Market day.
The big challenges I see are
  • Co-ordinating the group together so everyone works for each other in clear roles (I guess alot of people are using google docs for that one)
  • Having a catchy product name and an inviting stand
  • Having a quality product and selling it to the public
I found a whole lot of pictures from last years market day perhaps having a look at these might give you some ideas about colours, styles, signs etc that are effective.

Any comments on the Market day from last year?
What style of fonts work etc

Advertising with a jingle

One piece of software for recording jingles is  audacity here is one persons guide
If you look for a tutorial video on youtube you will probably find one I call this Watch and Do

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