Friday, July 15, 2011

Tweets–They’ve got to mean something

Twitter is different way of writing: Recently I received a mention from a man I have a great deal of respect for. It said …


As result of this I have been reviewing why Sam would say this.

I Click, Publish, Send, Upload, Tweet and Chat.  My thoughts, ideas, images, voices, opinions are public and read by my PLN and searchers. I try to stay involved in this stream of information because I value it. I put tweets and posts into this stream to express what I am thinking to those who I would like to hear me. When I am reading observing or learning from this stream; putting back makes me feel like a true participant. I have always thought myself an OK writer but never a good editor.

@Samjarman made me realise I shouldn't just say anything, in any form I like; when others are going to read it. The implications for me are important enough to make this post necessary.

What had Sam seen in my tweets?


“So there is someone reading my tweets and they want something to be there”

My thinking is that the following might be important:

  • Consider literary discipline to communicate effectively within 140 chars ie tighter not looser.
  • Punctuation and intonation are my friends.
  • Consider what the audience will need to understand what the tweet means.
  • What purpose does the tweet have beyond self expression.

I like the idea of action: “Don’t think Do” Ewan McIntosh, “Ready, Fire, Aim” Michael Fullan and “Planning is Guessing” Jason Fried @jasonfried. These ideas are about the importance of doing.

What I am seeing is that audience and peers create a standard though under which efforts and actions will quickly try to navigate, realign and improve. This is the aim part that Fullan talks about. I hope that  the firing off of Tweets has help me aim via feedback.

On the bright side
I am motivated to get better at this so feel free to follow me @davein2it



  1. Remember you are not writing for one person - you are writing for every one of your followers.

    I wouldn't knock yourself around from the comments of one person who wants to publically criticise. A DM would have been a better option IMHO. Reading his tweets he could learn a thing or too himself.

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

  2. I like this observation Allanah about writing for every one of your followers. I understand that a DM might be better. Hey, I have a reasonable thick skin also and recognise it is important at least to consider the validity of perception. The bottom line is that I want to tweet well if such a thing exists. I also know that I quite like for example some of the life anecdotes, tales of woe, cooking moments that are shared. Those tweets are the ones that help build friendships online. Yep tweeting is prob nothing to get to worked up about.Thanks very much for the comment.

  3. I have never had a problem reading or understanding your tweets Dave...