Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Challenges Teachers see...

What the teachers of Hamilton view as the challenges facing them.
I was a little surprised by what they mentioned. Access to working technology still seems to be a challenge as does time. Have a quick look at the video to pick up the rest.


  1. Very interesting Dave. Thank you for sharing via the VLN groups space. Not only a great way to collate and share thoughts, but timely an relevant, RE: class sizes.

    I hope you don't mind, I'll make a reference to this in the Class sizes - fact or fallacy thread @

  2. Good to get some feedback and of course you are welcome to reference this. I was suprised by some of the challenges presented. It's funny that we often hear the argument that class sizes do not have an effect on student outcomes. That may be the case but logic would say that teachers have a workload associated with each student. There are so many factors to take into account. The physical size of classrooms even the mainstreaming of students who bring with them the need to accomodate support staff etc. What we have seen is the focus on one indicator from John Hattie's meta-analysis and a hell of a lot of extrapolation. Bigger class sizes might end up to be economically unavoidable but let's not masquerade them as a way to improve student outcomes.