Monday, September 10, 2012

Scratching the Surface

I have always liked the idea of using scratch with students

  • to help them think
  • make them doers 
  • instant feedback.

I have been looking at an inquiry to find out

Is the use of scratch a way to increase student understanding of geometry?

Here was the First Project Challenge I gave students.

1. Create a Scratch script which tells a sprite to draw
each of the following shapes in succession.

triangle square pentagon hexagon octagon

So how did things turn out

Well with just a few basic introductions

like pen down
Movement and turning they got cracking

The group almost all were able to complete the challenge though it was interesting to see 
how they achieved it. Quite a few of them had really repetitive code to achieve it which 
presented a great opportunity to look for patterns and optimise it. Here is a solution that 
works and underneath it working.

Learn more about this project

The inquiry is showing some promise for scratch. In my next post I want to discuss with students some of their thinking around Maths.

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