Saturday, May 11, 2013

The 100 Mile Food challenge

Students in 6LH at Southwell School are looking to meet a 100 mile food challenge. We are doing this as part of an inquiry into sustainability. The first step for us was to look at the idea of what the 100 mile challenge was and what was important about it. We watched the two videos below and recorded what we thought were the main ideas that they were discussing. 

Our Thinking is the main ideas in a 100 mile food challenge are:

  • We need to Growing food and ingredients
  • Encourage people to only use local
  • Changing what people eat
  • Eat Certain foods at certain times when the season is right
  • Take your food seriously
  • Try to reduce your carbon footprint
  • We need to know where our food comes from !
So where is 100 miles from Hamilton?

We used this tool to make radius of 160 km out from Hamilton.

Next we started to put locations on the map where food is produced.

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