Sunday, February 10, 2008

Infrastructure - people

Have been working on a presentation for an upcoming conference.

This has been a reflection on 8 years of work in co-ordinating ICT
in a large New Zealand primary school. Probably the hardest infrastructure get
right is people. The more time I spend with technology the further I develop
my skills and comfort. Yet there are people who are yet to go online in any significant
manner or for any significant purpose.

As technologies become more reliant, powerful and ubiquitous those not on board
seem more conspicuous by their absence.

If we consider conceptual frameworks that
may provide a learning pathway for these people what might it be.

  • Logic -- Thinking
  • Risk taking -- Discovery
  • Questioning -- Making Meaning
  • Recognising patterns
  • Utilising others (along the line of Vygotsky's ZPD) -- Belonging
This group of concepts (competencies?) is quite similar to the core of this diagram
produced by Mark Treadwell

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