Sunday, February 24, 2008

Junior Students What is Important?

Mark Treadwell Talked about the Juniors ie Students aged 5 to 7

At the Learning at Schools conference last week in Rotorua. He was talking about the need to remove pressure from junior classrooms for everything but language. He mentioned that science for example should have no real objective beyond say being amazed by the world around us. This could be achieved by looking at some things though a microscope (perhaps one a day for a week) The mosquito wing below is a prime example. The main message I see is to reduce and simplify moving to essential knowings and concepts rather than skills and discrete objectives. What we need to be comfortable with is what do student really need to learn at age 6? What Can they Learn?

The following are my thoughts on where Junior Schools might fit into
learning pathways.
  • listening
  • speaking
  • viewing, graphics
  • presenting
  • Reading
  • Writing, txt
  • doing stuff in the playground
  • exploring
  • manipulating stacking
  • fine motor skill development
Learning to live together.

Learning to think

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