Sunday, September 7, 2008

Key Competencies in my classroom.

The image below is taken from eduorigami a indepth look at learning from Andrew Churches of Kristin School. I used the image to help me consider what learning might look like for students. We have been asked as a staff to consider what we see as important with the key competencies so here Goes. What would it look like in my classroom? While Andrew's diagram is not only about competencies it has helped me to think where I stand with them. What would we try to work towards as a group.


  • Creating something original and owning ideas
  • Real problem solving and reflection using
  • Teaching others how to do things about what we discover
  • Looking from different perspectives (the discipline of creativity)
  • Creative thinking across disciplines
  • Taking risks in problem solving

  • Real world communication (online publishing, blogging, commenting on others etc)
  • Working with and creating visual and oral communications
  • Media literacy (understanding the purpose and origin of media we see and hear)
  • Using digital tools to communicate effectively
  • Working with an Audience
  • Understanding and working towards realistic standards of work
  • Adapting and creating knowledge.
Managing Self

  • Self assessment and peer assessment
  • Regular Goal setting and review
  • Managing impulsivity with technology
  • Persistence and extending ability
  • Risk taking
  • Being the best we can be
  • Feeling ok with who we are
  • Act appropriately in a range of settings
  • Having our own strategies

Relating to others
  • View situations from others perspectives
  • Working with people distant in time and place
  • Peer review and support
  • Varied group work
  • Manners
  • Be an active listener
Participating and contributing
  • Social action informing others
  • Service
  • Team commitment and involvement
  • Operacy as in the ability to do and be part of something

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  1. Great Dave,
    We are also trying to break down and sort out what each of these mean to us. I'm going to use your list and match against ours.
    I think we are on the same track.