Sunday, August 31, 2008

What do you think about cyberbullying?

I read a bebo comment where someone was called a loser and asked to "go cut themselves". I know that online insults often don't hold back. Well we notice more people involved in having their say. So "students" have a look at this video on youtube. Have your say Comment on any of the following or just make general comment about this clip.
  • Is cyberbullying real for you?
  • What would be different if this video was filmed in New Zealand?
  • How effective do you think this video was?
  • What methods of filming did they use to get their message across?
  • How is the talent show connected to cyber bullying?
  • If you were to make a video about cyber bullying what would it be?


  1. I think that it is very very unsensible to cyberbully because there are many other people that you can hurt and maybe you can get hurt yourself by getting cyberbullied back. As we saw in the you tube video the girl made quite a few people in the audience very sad in result these people might have rebeled and caused some injuries or have belived what the person said and gone and got very worried about what they wear read etc etc... in conclusion I belive that cyber bulling is very bad and i hope that soon we can design machine that will let the police be able to track down the bully.

  2. I think cyber bullying is not ok as if you say it in person people can stand up for them selfes in their mind but on the internet you can not as its direct criticism and harder to wave off. when our class watched that video it had a huge impact on everyone even our teacher was bewildered i could tell by the quiteness and expresions by everyone. So in conclusion i think it is not okay

  3. I think people who cyber bully people are scared and cowardly they cant come rihgt out and say what they think of some one and its much easier to type something than to say it. When we watched the little move you put on it had a massive reaction and many people were shocked. I cant believe that someone would actually go behind someones back and say or type mean things about them so i dont think it is right to cyber bully if you dont have anything nice to say/type dont say/type it at all