Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's now and it's social if we let it

Missed the start of DK from mediasnackers workshop and came into with history of social interaction on the internet and then the Mobile/social learning onslaught.
Why are phones unwanted in schools? I am thinking especially camera in our school environment.
What about Kindy? See the 1 year old below

DK had an interesting digital story created by people writing on a4 and holding up their message and taking a picture
of it with the writer in the frame. .

My similar ideas for content

  • What are the issues in our school?
  • What helps you learn?
  • I learn best when
  • The book character was
  • How does bullying effect people
  • How does encouragement help you
  • Also single frame digital story telling could come from these cameras
  • sustainability messages
  • Safety messages
  • Poems
  • Emotional responses
  • Love more in comments below What do you think?

Milton Keynes youth service created the message below

This is simple but effective somehow knowing that the word was someone's makes it more powerful.

The second most popular reason youth use the web is Learning.
From the web makes me feel … This site collects and reflects on the results gathered from one ok DK's web interaction points.


I really liked this reflection on twitter


“Twitter not about contacting people about finding out about stuff”

DK was talking alot about the way things just are. You can use hash tags as a stream of information in twitter so why wouldn't you? it just is.
Very pragmatic I thought lets look at reality and what we can use around us. Simple tools and social networks.

As a 44 year old the infographic below made me feel so good I had won a competition that doesn't exist.
What do the baby boomers do in social media?



Link to Media Snackers is found above. DK is very open and inviting
jumps straight to honorary kiwi status in my book.


  1. Many thanks for the honorary Kiwi-status - humbled :-)

  2. thought you might like that. was great to sit in on your reality check.

  3. Hey,
    The information and also the video clip are very good.
    The prediction was that cell phone would be the primary connection tool to the Internet and social media for most people. The main advantage of owning a smart phone is convenience, the ability to send texts or email and access to social media online.

  4. I so agree with you here Richard and we need to be ready for this in our schools. Those who are ready to work with students and their phones need to be enable as soon as possible.