Wednesday, October 7, 2009

IT takes some planning

Colin Warner & Lynn Davie

Glen Waverly college, Victoria Dept Ed


Asked to consider where our schools are on this

Elements that may effect development

Vision, Professional Learning, Ownership, Res & Org, Action Plan, Review

No vision = confusion
No PL = anxiety
No ownership = gradual change
No Res and org = frustration
No Action plan = inconsistency
No Review = unknown impact

What Stephen Heppell said learners thought made them feel good about the process

making something
having an audience

I liked Colin talking about making sure teachers see a big variety of
practise examples. Also this is a nice simple view of what we need to be doing as a process.


Would have liked to have seen more student’s voice in this  workshop
and perhaps a look into the learning that was the result of the process.

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