Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Software for Learning


Fiona Grant based in School support services Auckland

Rochelle Jensen Waikato University


Rochelle described the software for learning site as  a

One stop shop for teachers looking to select software for learning.”

Hot NEWS from workshop

A new search engine is in development and usernames will be individualised and transferable so they can transfer from one school to another. CWA are to make it possible for learning management systems to authenticate so users will not have to enter passwords. This will make these alot more popular in my eyes.

My ideas from the workshop

  • Give one team member a role to locate suitable objects for a unit
  • Revisit that object as a whole class and in groups
  • Use the object for different perspectives each time
  • Introduce the estories form the wiki to your whole staff or syndicate groups
  • Well suited to social action and applying knowledge

The wikispace refers to the pedagogy behind this. This brings this closer to schools and looks ate their use in the classroom.
These stories are a good place to start for integration of learning objects into meaningful deep learning experiences.

The unit can already be started before the learning object is used. What happens when students think and apply past experiences to new situations. For example students who has looked at how dyed water is drawn into a plant. This is applied to the river context.

This can be watched at
was some great language of learning


Thoughts on what makes digital digital objects effective presented were
I’ll be back to




Thanks Rochelle and Fiona for providing examples of best practice in use of digistore.

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