Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Easi-speak Guide

imageThere are some good introductions to the USB easi-speak microphone on

Lorraine’s and Dorothy’s blogs.

The following was recorded easy on the easi-speak

I think these are going to do great things for literacy where teachers cotton on to it


I have just copied some pics from the manual which is stored as a pdf on the

microphone itself. most of it is self evident but I have highlighted the bits I wasn’t sure of.





See you later I’m off to record some stuff add ideas for the mic’s use in comments if you like. Those of you at Southwell can borrow them from the ICT hub and I am happy to come and help out if you are interested.


  1. Couldn't agree more - it is a great buy. I had 3, now I have none. And I don't think any one will be handing them back anytime soon.
    Heard from Tamaki primary that the Year Ones took theirs on a trip to MOTAT last week and interviewed each other like little pros about what they were seeing as they walked around. Pop the strap around the kids necks and let them loose :)
    Check tis out and look closely in the pics for the easiskeak

  2. Had one year 8 student supported by another say that they wanted to record one of their voices as a song. Lent them the mic they came back ---> onto cd. An artist was born. The smile on her face lasted all afternoon. I even smiled too :---) dave