Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Te Mihi

Been working on my Mihi I have recorded it on utterli as well.

It felt good to find out where I come from and to be able to acknowledge

the Maori language and its part in our identity.

Taku                      Mihi Meaning                          
Ko David ahau I am David
Ko Ngati Tahu te iwi My tribe is Ngati Tahu from the South Island
Ko Rakeahua te awa Rakeahua is my River

Ko Rakeahua te Maunga

Rakeahua is my Mountain
Ko Alyn taku papa My father is Alyn
Ko Dorothy taku mama My Mother is Dorothy

They are both Dead now but their spirit is still with me

A good resource for this is here http://www.tki.org.nz/r/language/lls/wehi/units/unit14/index_e.php

Examples from Pt England school are here http://softwareforlearning.wikispaces.com/eStory2

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