Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reality Check 3

Working with Year Eight students on Digital storytelling aspects the following is the sketch of what and how we will work.

Most important part I think In the Session

  1. work out what we know
  2. have clear learning intentions
  3. interact with each other
  4. try to allow cognitive rehearsal for thinking
  5. create new personal knowledge


From an earlier collaboration with another teacher

the following are the learning intentions


What is a digital story ? Look at three of these on these sites.



Give 1 get 1. Move around the room give someone an idea about

What a digital story is ? and

  • Story like
  • Emotional
  • One person speaking
  • Transition of pictures
  • Similar to a movie
  • Pictures of what it is about
  • About a personal view of someone
  • Past tense
  • Music or Song
  • Pictures are still
  • Pictures and voice describing

What it Isn’t

  • A movie
  • Made up
  • Moving pictures
  • Voices out of pictures
  • Just all facts


Look at a factual survival story


Fact to fake narration

The students came up with these ideas

  • Good hook
  • Tense : generally Past/flashback. Present .Future
  • 1st person 3 rd Person
  • Ending in a question (keep people wondering)
  • Balancing fact and experience/emotions
  • Diary form
  • Suspense
  • Point of view

Read the article highlight important facts perhaps collect facts as a group. the article is too big and needs to be reduced if one session is used for whole activity.

Write this as a narration

Reflect at end what was good learning what wasn’t any comment you would like to make.

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