Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Googledocs a quick learn

We are starting to use google docs for our students

Why for those who are not sure?

Once we get over the wow look at this, look at that; we need to focus on how to improve learning.

Nick Rate has a good idea for writing the pic below links to his full post with examples.


Colours could also be used to identify (multiple concurrent authors is powerful learning just ask Vygotsky)

  • ownership
  • parts of speech
  • editing process
  • thought process
  • de bonos thinking hats
  • perspectives
  • main ideas
  • disagreement
  • discussion points

This Google presentation has some other good ideas


I am working with some teachers on this tomorrow and it needs to be about teaching and learning

the good thing with google docs is I know it can be just that.

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